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The highest stakes: Vote for Tom Suozzi to push Congress towards sanity

February 11, 2024

Publication: NY Daily News

By: The New York Daily News Editorial Board

Today is the last day of early voting in the special election to replace expelled Con(gress)man George Santos representing Nassau and Queens. While we would have much preferred an open primary to select the nominees or, even better, a nonpartisan two-vote sequence, the standard-bearers on the ballot do well embody the split in the House of Representatives.

The Republican candidate, Mazi Pilip, who avoided the press, including this Editorial Board, is carefully following the script of the crazies in the House GOP conference, from Speaker Mike Johnson on down, as opposed to what we would hope of a moderate from New York. She is against the bipartisan bill from the Senate that reforms immigration and provides needed aid for Ukraine and Israel. She wants all three, but rejects the bill because Donald Trump says so.

The Democratic candidate, Tom Suozzi, who we happily endorsed, supports the Senate bill. His victory would also end the GOP’s unjustified impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, an atrocious abuse of the constitutional power to remove officers for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

When they held a roll call last week on Mayorkas, the House was evenly divided, 215-215. So eager is Johnson to shatter history and precedent with such an impeachment, Majority Leader Steve Scalise is hurrying back from his blood cancer treatment to be the tie-breaking vote, perhaps on Tuesday, as they fear Suozzi’s win.


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