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For Immediate Release:
January 4, 2024

DAY 10. 12 DEBATE INVITES. SUOZZI 5 (at least). PILIP 1 (barely).
Suozzi Camp: Mazi Pilip is at zero

Glen Cove, NY – 12 debates…and counting.

That’s how many TV debates and candidate forums Mazi Pilip has been invited to.

She has accepted only one… just FIVE days before the election – a full five days after early voting starts – and not available in Queens.

The Suozzi campaign, today, noted that it has been 10 days since former Congressman Suozzi accepted his first debate and challenged his opponent, Mazi Pilip, to hold a series of debates. The campaign also noted that as of today, there have been 12 news outlets or civic organizations that have sent invitations to both candidates to debate or participate in candidate forums. While Suozzi has accepted five debate invites and will likely accept more, Pilip has only accepted a single debate on News 12, exactly five days before the February 13th special election and exactly five days after early voting has begun, and not accessible to the Queens part of the Third Congressional District.

“If this were a numbers game, Mazi Pilip is at zero,” said Suozzi for Congress senior advisor Kim Devlin. “Since the day she was handpicked for this race by the party bosses, she has refused to answer basic questions, literally hidden from the press, has not given a single clear answer on any of the serious issues of this campaign, and refuses to debate.”

As of January 3, 2024, the following debate or candidate forum invitations have been sent to both campaigns:

1.     WABC

2.     WNBC/Telemundo

3.     NY1/WNYC

4.     PIX 11

5.     News12

6.     Lakeville Estates Civic Association

7.     Jewish Community Relations Council

8.     AARP

9.     League of Women Voters (Port Washington-Manhasset)

10.   Albertson Civic Association

11.   APA Voice

12.   Newsday TV

It has been over a month since this election began, and Pilip still hasn’t explained whether she voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election or if she supports Trump in the Republican primary for president. Even more alarming, the Republican and Conservative nominee has not given a straight answer about how she will address gun violence prevention or if she supports codifying Roe v. Wade.

“Mazi Pilip needs to let the people of Nassau and Queens know where she stands on the issues,” said Devlin. “Every day that goes by in this campaign only begs the question: what is Mazi Pilip hiding?”

“QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘We don’t know what she thinks, really. We don’t even know who she voted for for president.’ –Tom Suozzi, in a virtual press conference Tuesday, on his NY-3 special election opponent Mazi Melesa Pilip’s propensity for dodging questions.”

-Politico New York Playbook, 1/3/24


Tom Suozzi, trained as an attorney and CPA, is the former Congressman for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, Nassau County Executive, and Mayor of Glen Cove. Tom has committed his 30-year public service career to delivering for his constituents. His philosophy of working with anyone who shares his goal of solving problems and delivering for his constituents has guided his career and led to notable accomplishments on issues including protecting the environment, common-sense gun safety, full access to reproductive health care, immigration, caring for our veterans, affordable healthcare, and fiscal responsibility.

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