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January 11, 2024

Pilip finally releases a plan…and it looks just like Suozzi’s, except without the substance

Glen Cove, NY – After spending nearly 30 days of her candidacy refusing to offer one single idea or plan, running from reporters and ducking debates, Conservative candidate Mazi Pilip finally put a “10-Point Plan” on her social media. Strangely, it looks remarkably similar to Former Congressman Tom Suozzi’s “10-Point Plan” that he released on December 19, 2023.

However, while the Pilip plan at first glance looks like Suozzi’s, his has substance and specifics and touts his impressive record of delivering for Nassau and Queens, and hers is a whole lot of nothing.

“I have challenged my opponent over and over again to let the voters know where she stands on the crucial issues that affect Nassau and Queens,” said Suozzi, “and all she has offered are generalities and sidestepping.”

“Now, when she claims to have something to say, it is heavy on national Republican talk points and low on actual ideas or solutions.”

Suozzi also noted that this is why both he and Pilip owe it to the voters to have debates, to put forth their records and their ideas and allow the voters to make an informed choice as to who they want to represent them in Congress.

“My opponent needs to come out of hiding, show respect for the people she wants to represent, offer up substantive ideas and stop running from the most basic questions,” continued Suozzi. “You can’t be scared to debate if you want to be in Congress.”

Even on the day she posted her “plan,” Pilip, in the ultimate act of hiding, refused to answer questions and instead used her staffer as a shield to deflect.

Numerous media organizations, as well as civic clubs, have invited the candidates to participate in debates or candidate forums. However, Pilip has made it crystal clear that she would rather hide from voters than have a healthy exchange of ideas with Suozzi. In fact, tonight would have been the first time the candidates were on stage together, at the Lakeville Estates Civic Club Candidate Forum, but after accepting the invitation, Pilip abruptly cancelled. Suozzi will be attending the event tonight and taking voters’ questions.

Suozzi’s 10-Point Plan in its entirety is HERE.

Suozzi 10-point plan

Pilips 10-point plan

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