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For Immediate Release:
January 3, 2024


Immigration: Suozzi has a plan; Mazi Pilip gets talk points from bosses.

Glen Cove, NY – Former Congressman Tom Suozzi, on a Zoom press conference yesterday, outlined his ideas on pressing immigration issues, urging the President and Congress to find common ground on border safety and immigration reform and pass bipartisan legislation to solve the migration crisis at the southern border.

When asked for a response by WABC Eyewitness News, Tom’s opponent, Mazi Pilip, refused.

“Eyewitness News requested an interview with Pilip Tuesday to respond to Suozzi’s attacks and the attacks from the Democratic Party, but her campaign responded with a statement.” WABC Eyewitness News, 1/2/2024

After ducking reporters asking her about abortion and refusing to say who she voted for in the 2020 Presidential election, Pilip is now adding immigration to the list of issues that she won’t discuss with the voters of the Third Congressional District

The Suozzi for Congress campaign provided some important questions on the immigration issue that Pilip should be prepared to answer if she wants the people of Nassau and Queens to vote to send her to Congress in less than six weeks.

1. How would Mazi Pilip handle the migrant crisis?

2. Does Mazi Pilip agree with Speaker Mike Johnson and oppose working with the US Senate to find common ground to pass immigration reform?

3. Does Mazi Pilip support HR2?

4. Does Mazi Pilip agree with President Biden’s most recent, tougher screening and deportation plans?  If not, which specific ones does she not support?

“Mazi Pilip won’t answer questions, refuses to debate, and has not offered up one single idea or plan to help solve anything. Instead, she remains silent, waiting for her talking points from the party bosses,” said Suozzi for Congress senior advisor Kim Devlin. “It’s clear Mazi Pilip is being told what to say by her handlers because she doesn’t have a handle on the issues.”

In addition to releasing a 10-Point Plan, and expounding on the immigration section, Suozzi has also announced that he has accepted televised debates with WABC, WNBC/Telemundo, NY1/WNYC, and News12, while Pilip has only accepted one debate that will air five days before the election and five days after early vote begins, and won’t air at all in the Queens portion of NY-03.


Tom Suozzi, trained as an attorney and CPA, is the former Congressman for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, Nassau County Executive, and Mayor of Glen Cove. Tom has committed his 30-year public service career to delivering for his constituents. His philosophy of working with anyone who shares his goal of solving problems and delivering for his constituents has guided his career and led to notable accomplishments on issues including protecting the environment, common-sense gun safety, full access to reproductive health care, immigration, caring for our veterans, affordable healthcare, and fiscal responsibility.

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