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For Immediate Release:
January 17, 2024

Suozzi Touts his Gun Violence Prevention Platform

Pointed to opponent Mazi Pilip’s embrace of the Conservative Party and their extreme positions against common sense gun reform

Glen Cove, NY – Former Congressman Tom Suozzi held a Zoom press conference today highlighting his bipartisan record of addressing common sense gun violence prevention and how the issue is a key part of his 10-Point Plan.

Suozzi highlighted his work as Mayor of Glen Cove to increase the police force and reduce crime to the lowest level of any community of over 25,000 people in New York. As the Nassau County Executive, Suozzi oversaw the 12th largest police department in the US at that time and noted that during his tenure, crime decreased to its lowest level in decades. As a Member of Congress, he co-sponsored every gun violence prevention bill, as well as working with former Republican Rep. Peter King, on background checks that the vast majority of Americans support.

“I’m proud of my F-rating from the NRA. We see these violent acts with guns happening much too often. It’s not only the tragedy that splits families apart. It’s not only the deaths that take place. It’s about public safety,” said Suozzi.

Joining Suozzi and speaking at the press conference were members of prominent gun violence prevention organizations, with two, Brady Campaign and Giffords, announcing their endorsements of Tom and the other, Moms Demand Action, naming him a Candidate of Distinction.

  • Tanya Schardt, the Senior Counsel and Senior Director of Federal and State Policy for the Brady Campaign
  • Adzi Vokhiwa, Director of Federal Affairs for Giffords
  • Jana Gale, New York State Lead for Moms Demand Action

Also, speaking at the press conference was Linda Beigel Schulman, founder of the Scott J. Beigel Memorial Fund, named after her son, Scott, a teacher and cross country coach who was murdered in the Parkland High School massacre, while saving 31 of his students

“Tom is someone whom I first met during my darkest days and someone who has cried with me, grieved with me, and supported me. Most importantly, Tom has stood by me and advocated with me on behalf of our children and our country’s future,” said Beigel Schulman.

“Tom doesn’t run from the big problems; he runs INTO them and will find anyone and everyone who will work with him to try to find solutions,” continued Beigel Schulman.

Suozzi’s opponent, Mazi Pilip, has remained silent on measures to curb crime, including refraining from advocating her fellow Republicans in the Nassau County Legislature to add 100 police officers to the Nassau County Police Department. Pilip is also running on the Conservative Party platform that opposes common sense gun reform, even red flag laws. When Pilip was asked by Newsday if she supports banning assault weapons, she refused to answer the question.

Pilip has not held a single event with voters to take questions, she has not offered up any specifics or details of her platform, and she refuses to debate. Suozzi has accepted more than 10 invitations for debates or candidate forums.


Tom Suozzi, trained as an attorney and CPA, is the former Congressman for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, Nassau County Executive, and Mayor of Glen Cove. Tom has committed his 30-year public service career to delivering for his constituents. His philosophy of working with anyone who shares his goal of solving problems and delivering for his constituents has guided his career and led to notable accomplishments on issues including protecting the environment, common-sense gun safety, full access to reproductive health care, immigration, caring for our veterans, affordable healthcare, and fiscal responsibility.

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